Tom Theuns & Aurélie Dorzée

Deze zomer pikken we de succesvolle culturele draad van vorig jaar weer op; u kan ons boeken voor bv . tuinconcerten van  30-50 man.  We spelen dan akoestisch. Laat het organisatorische beest in u los ! De mensen snakken naar cultuur.


our favourite new album”


een eigenzinnig muzikaal universum van dwarse schoonheid”

Aurélie and Tom proof to be one of the most inventive European folk related artists”


About Elixir:

This crafty concoction brings to mind ancient art works and faraway lands. Oriental melodies take the form of a folk dance or a medieval walk.
These three alchemists brew sounds in quest of the “philomusical’s stone”. They experiment, improvise and invent in their secret laboratory filled with
strange instruments, such as the viola d’amore, mandolauoto, psaltery, nail violin, sousaphone, and sitar. Some had been specially fabricated
by stringed instrument makers for this project.
For their 6th album under the label, Aurélie Dorzée & Tom Theuns invited the legendary Michel Massot, master of brass instruments, for a golden opus!