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New single release :

“The Garden of Poets”

With three tracks, one of which is “Die Gräfin” based upon the story Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke (The Lay of Love and Death of Cornet Christoph Rilke).

In the autumn of 1899, it takes the then twenty-three-year-old Rainer Maria Rilke one single night to write this peculiar ‘short song in prose’ or ‘poetic narrative’. The result is a sensuous ‘fever dream’: It is 1664 and the young Christoph Rilke (a distant ancestor of the poet, Rainer Maria Rilke) travels as standard-bearer or ‘cornet’ with a small company of soldiers to the fortress of an Austrian count. The fair-haired cornet loses himself in a night of passion with the countess, and gallops towards a heroic death in a battle against the Turkish army. Rilke’s text inhabits, in every respect, an intermediary space: its prose sings; women have male traits, men, female traits; women are all at once mistress, mother, Virgin Mary and sensual ‘angel of death’.

New physical album release :

 released on March 14th, order here


after two years of composing, rehearsing and recording Tom & Aurélie  proudly present their seventh album with the label Homerecords. Due to the amount and diversity of the material, it has become a double album with no less than 21 tracks divided over 7 musical gardens. Each garden has its own atmosphere : folk, baroque, cabaret, humour, oriental, erotic en tropical.They became a little bit obsessed with the number 7 so they sang in 7 languages (French, Walloon, Flemish, German, English, Latin and Italian), the lyrics are by 7 poets (Prévert, Van Ostayen, Claus, Rilke, Aragon, Ovidius and …us) and they used 7 instruments (violin, viola d’amore, trumpetviolin, mandolin, mandocello, sitar en guitar) . 

Each month we will release a garden on the major distribution platforms. We will open springtime with folk : "The Garden of Remedies"

The physical double album will available from Friday March 14th, preorder here