Residing in Belgium, Tom Theuns is a folksinger and fingerstyle guitar player who founded bands like Aurelia, Ambrozijn, Think Of One, Olla Vogala, ... with which he has received numerous prizes and was hailed many times by the press  : "Ambrozijn is definitely one of the best folkbands in Europe" (Folkroots). Influenced by worldwide traditional music, he's been composing and performing his songs for the past 25 years, earning him a special place within the Belgian acoustic field.
His very distinct fingerpicking guitar style is derived from the DADGAD tuning which he has taken beyond its diatonic limits. His vocals alternate seamless between a mongolian throat singer, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and a renaissance contra tenor . Besides that he studied several months the sitar in India with Batuk Nash Mishrab . Other instruments include mandolin, banjo (tenor and 5-string), mandocello,  and piano. 
He is also the captain of the 40m concert barge  « Aurelia Feria » which has been navigating throughout Belgium and France, performing for enthusiastic crowds wherever they were able to moor.
Currently playing solo but also with Aurélie Dorzée (l'Art de Voler & Pipa Polo), Neeka (british folk), Paul Russell, Laïs, The Boma Family, Vera Coomans ,... he continues his search for challenges and renewal

selected discography  (albums which involved Theuns as a writer/composer/musician/singer)

Ambrozijn :

  • Ambrozijn (Wild Boar Music, 1998)
  • Naradie (Virgin, 2000)
  • Kabonka (Wild Boar Music, 2002)
  • De Hertog van Brunswyk, samen met Paul Rans (Eufoda, 2003)
  • Botsjeribo (Kloef Music, 2004)
  • Krakalin (Homerecords, 2006)
  • 10 jaar and Strings (live) (Homerecords, 2007)
Aurelia :
  • demo with Dhadmer (tombak player)
  • Festina Lente (Homerecords)
  • Hypnogol  (Homerecords)
  • The Hour of the Wolf  (Homerecords)
  • La Creation du Monde  (Homerecords)
  • L'art de Voler  (Homerecords)
Tom Theuns :
  • Songs from the River (Homerecords)
  • In Between Trees - with Paul Russell (Homerecords)
Think of One :
  • Juggernaut
Soetkin Collier
  • Nocturne (Homerecords)
  • Reiseiland (apple records)
Vera Coomans :
  • Something Within (Wild Boar Music)
and many more ... You can obtain most of these albums by contacting me. 1 album : 5€, 2 albums : 10€ ....