Straight from an unearthly imagination, this acoustic duo uses multiple instruments (violin, viola d’amore, mandolin, mandocello, classical guitar) and haunting vocals to create intensely poetic musical landscapes, full of humour and fantasy.  Modern folk without limits !

"One of the most inventive European folk related groups” (Folkworld)

Yes ! Our latest album “The Seven Gardens” reached #4 on the European World Music Charts ! And was also album of the week by national Radio Klara.


Winner of

2021 Flemish Folk Award


Best Live Band !

Tom & Aurélie play folk music in a funky and punky way, finely chisseled in originality. Sometimes they sound like Goethe married to Tom Waits, sometimes like a Mali blues on a nail box violin, sometimes like french fantasy chanson and sometimes like a baroque viola d’amore in  constellation with a fat grooving classical guitar. Aurélie & Tom sound like a concerto for birds and ferns on tour throughout forests and continents. Their polymorphic voices sound then rasping, then cristal and silky, sublime. Like Dionysos and Apollo tightrope walking between the seas of Ireland and China. They radiate a rare madness while maintaining sharp focus on various nomadic melodies. Frontiers are eradicated, dessert sand is sprinkled upon, swamps coolly evaporate. You cannot put a format on them, their music is free and gracefull, timeless yet mortal.


Pour la France via notre agent Gérard Viel, 00330682154902

For the rest of Europe, direct :